Syed Gulzar Ahmed
Marine science teacher


  1. Inspector: hello! ………… Who are you?

Caller: Sir, please come soon, right now a man has murdered a police man. Come soon.

Inspector:  (in hurry) all right; from where are you calling?

Caller: From an asylum.

  1. Once a farmer’s cow was stolen. His wife asked him to report at the police station. The poor farmer was completely illiterate, so his wife told him how to report in the police station. She asked to report like this: “Sir, it was midnight, moon was shining, stars were twinkling, dogs were barking, a thief crossed the wall and stole away my cow.” The farmer shook his head as if he understood everything.

Farmer at police station reported like this; “Sir, it was midday, moon was hiding, stars were barking, dogs were twinkling, a cow crossed the wall and stole away my thief. Sir, help me, I am a poor farmer.”

  1. Raheema to her younger brother Gafoor. “Hey! You are stealing sweets. Mother may beat you.

Gafoor : Mother is sleeping.

Raheema : Allah is not sleeping. He is looking at you.

Gafoor : Ha.. Ha… Allah will not come to tell mother.

  1. Teacher to Mahidh: Tell me why the big ship sails on the water but the small stone sinks?

Mahidh : Because  the poor stone doesn’t know how to swim.

  1. Two friends were talking on the cross road at mid night.

First friend: “I am focusing the torch on the moon; can you go to the moon on this way?

Second friend: Am I a fool? When I will be near to the moon, you will switch off the torch.

  1. A boy used to give one Rufiyaa coin to a blind old man every day. One day the boy missed the blind man; he enquired about him. Someone told him that he had gone to watch a movie.


Source: Arutha (60th Anniversary Magazine of Kumundhoo School, 2008)