You too can win Lead and Succeed

K. V. Johnny

Former English Teacher


Dear students,

Success is not a matter of luck or genius, as most of us think and believe. Success depends to a great deal, on hard work, imagination, perseverance and pluck. If others can become great, earn name and fame, garner glory, power and wealth you can also. Do positively and definitely. Have no doubt about it.  If Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Caliph Omar, Abu-Bakr, Mark Twain, Jesse Owens and Pele could become famous persons you can also. None of these who reached on the top can boast of having been born with silver spoon in his mouth.


Listen to the sportspersons who participated in the recent Olympic Games held in Beijing, China. They have been practising for years for their final prize. If we have sheer perseverance and immense belief in ourselves nothing is impossible in the world. The path of success is not a cakewalk. You have the duty to spread the fame of Maldives all over the world. Options are plenty.  Therefore we should take one road to go before starting the journey and go on until we reached our destination. All things worth having can be had only with some effort and at some cost of sacrifice.  We can be sure that there is no substitute for hard work when one desires for success. To find diamonds and gold you have to dig, sweat and search. If you want to top the list in examination you have to study, master the subjects and gain the knowledge which guarantee super success.


Try, try and try again and keep trying again, till you win. You are bound to win so long as you keep trying and do not yield, surrender or give up. Robert Bruce and Robin Hood learnt the moral by watching the spider which kept again and again and again despite countless falls, till at last it made it. Take the young footballer Ashfaq Ali who emerged as the country’s best footballer in SAFF championship. His outstanding performance as a footballer who could play a breathtaking success in finals fashioned victory of Maldives against India. No doubt it is his steel will and sincere dedication to his cherished goal that has made him a hero. For a scion of a middle class family reaching this height of popularity and fame overnight was beyond any stretch of imagination. But Ashfaq by his sheer perseverance and struggle transformed his cherished dream into a reality to become a cynosure of a vast pool of talented youngsters. His example is worth emulation for all those who believe that success or fortune –smiles at only those who dare and act.


The motto ‘Never give up’ should be your watchword for success. Never give up for it is always wiser and better to hope than despair. Life is a game with a glorious prize only if you could play it right with determined grit. It is give and take, build and break and often it may end in bitter fight. But he surely wins who honestly tries with a little more persistence, courage, patience and will power. Be up and doing. Stay in the race and keep fighting and you will win as surely as day follows night. With our very best efforts to help you lead and succeed…


Source: Arutha (60th Anniversary Magazine of Kumundhoo School, 2008)