Syed Gulzar Ahmed
Marine science teacher

Once there was a king. He was very kind and clever. He always thought about the welfare and prosperity of his people. One day a courtier came to him and said, “Your Majesty! Due to long drought all the grass and plants are drying up; even there is no water to grow crops, animals are dying due to scarcity of water and food, and the condition is that day by day rivers, ponds and wells are also drying up. Your Majesty, very soon there will be no water to drink if no steps are taken!”

Thinking this a serious issue the king summoned all his wise and learned men and asked for some remedies. Suddenly, a priest stood up and said, “Your Majesty! I know that God is not happy with us. Please give me permission, so that with a few priests I will pray to God for rain. Your Majesty! I promise that within a few months there will be plenty of water everywhere.”

Again, a courtier stood and said to the king, “Your Majesty, please allow me to get a few men and some tools, I promise you that within a few months there will be greenery everywhere.”

The king gave permission to both the priest and the courtier. The priest started praying day and night with other priests. And on the other side, the courtier with his men and tools worked hard day and night. They dug many wells, made canals to bring water from river. They ploughed fields and irrigated the fields. After three months the courtiers and his men came to the palace, appeared in front of the king and said,” Majesty! We worked hard day and night .Please come with us and see what we have done for our people.” The King on his chariot visited everywhere and became very glad when he saw the fields full of crops, canals with water and green plants. On returning, the king visited the place where the priest and his party were praying. He saw that still they were busy in prayer. The king called the priest and told him about the achievement of the courtiers and his men and said. “God helps those who work hard with confidence and courage. So remember prayer alone is not enough. God rewards those who work hard.”


Source: Arutha (60th Anniversary Magazine of Kumundhoo School, 2008)